recently, the Zhejiang Ningbo a female nurse at home in front of the attack, was stabbed with a knife abdomen and died. Then the police arrested two suspects, including a deceased mother.

2 16 am on the morning of about 7, Cixi Jinshan Village tenants in the building on the ground floor of the building was found to be a woman covered with blood, a careful look at the breath has not been seen in the past 36. Thus, the household alarm.

netizens said that the suspect Moumou is Zhao’s mother-in-law, long-standing contradiction between two people. At the time of the incident, Zhang Mou to spend money to find someone to live together with her daughter, the partnership will be killed zhao.

this reporter contacted Ms. Zhao to the hospital, a hospital staff said that the family of Ms. Zhao Zhao does not understand, but I usually diligent work attitude, is easy-going, never dispute with colleagues.

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