is very important in many aspects of the retail business. Among them, a good reputation has a far-reaching influence on the operation of shops is. In our retail business, good is essential, many times, we can not only touch the good customer, but also can establish a good reputation. With a good reputation, then the customer will naturally come to an end, at that time, we do not have to do any advertising, will be able to earn considerable income. Therefore, good for the retail store is very important.

once, a customer came to our shop, his gloves fall here, is a common gloves. However, I think the customer falls, is very important for customers. So, I will take good care of properly, and in the supermarket bulletin reads "a customer lost a pair of gloves, admitting!" And put the gloves on the side. At the same time, I was also in the circle of friends of WeChat made claims.

two days later, the customer came back to my supermarket, and maybe he forgot about the glove. But when I saw the words on my bulletin board, he suddenly remembered that he had lost it. The moment he got the gloves, he was very moved. He said to me, "boss, you make me moved. Is a pair of ordinary gloves, but you are busy looking for the owner."

when I learned that I have been released in the circle of friends in WeChat, he is holding my hand and said a lot of thanks. That is, from that moment, the customer after the heart of iron shopping here. If so, both winter and summer, regardless of wind and rain and snow, he always come here to buy, not only that, I also brought a lot of new customers.

our supermarket will often come to some begging people, there are a lot of stores that they are angry, and quickly put them away, some symbolic to a few cents away. However, I did not do that, I think they can take this step is no way, so we should give more understanding and care. Every time I will give him a bread and a bottle of mineral water, although not worth a few money, but let them move, let them feel warm.

our supermarket customers more, other customers see me this move for my point of praise, they say I am warm-hearted, good people, buy things in my heart. Another customer said: "the boss is so kind, here to buy things, we will not be cheated." Yes, as they say, I always adhere to the genuine goods at a fair price never, Quejinduanliang, I treat every customer with a good own heart. Of course, this I also create a good reputation, for many years, I have this heart touched many people, also tied a lot of customers heart.