is not difficult to find, these experienced market reshuffle, but still survive evergreen enterprises have a common characteristic: it is as the root to sail to the network entity. The so-called Internet plus is’ Internet plus industry ”, rather than ” + ” Internet industry.

every time by the end of this time

the people of the whole country will be forced to see a

rich in Chinese characteristics horror blockbuster

Spring Festival



I can’t help thinking of

in Eileen Chang’s "half life" in

manzheng sob said on world weight:


Shi Jun, we can’t go back to


instant tears!!

ten thousand horse rushing past!


this is simply can not buy tickets at the moment I ah!


looked at me,

and colleagues wanted to comfort me, a:

don’t square!!!

you’re not the worst person,

because the worst in 2016 is actually

a water Internet Co ah!!

both Trump and

or capital winter on


is an investor in the police prostitution

in addition to the capital outside the winter

these seemingly eight pole could not beat the


did he have a relationship with meow!


is your cock ring!



in my memory of 2016

looks like O2O’s "death" has been reported so far.

in many Internet plus mode

O2O can also be regarded as the existence of a network of red

but struggled for so many years

can improve, but also housekeeping and take away.

but even these can ‘free hands’ in the industry,

eventually did not keep evergreen.

is now facing the majority of O2O is

continues to burn after

serious lack of profit space.


food gangster beauty group