in Hefei is a very hot beef noodles, a bowl of beef noodles sold 100 yuan, takeout fee but also another operator, do the private beef noodle is a driving Porsche white Formica, like to share with you all the delicacy she often open luxury cars to send beef noodles. WeChat sold in the circle of friends after more than half a year, white Formica opened a store, every meal is full of customers.


white Formica sold online, and open the store

5 6 at noon, lunch time is about to end, Jianghuai morning news, JAC network reporter came to the temple is located in the community of a beef noodle shop in ten. At this point, there are a lot of people in the noodle restaurant lunch. This home decoration quite exotic beef noodle is fire in the WeChat circle of friends of the rich white lady opened the store market last year.

boasted chowhound said Ms. an own probably eat beef noodles in Hefei a lot of noodle, always feel a little taste, and then make their own at home to eat beef noodles. Eat their own delicious, Ms. Ann also began to do to relatives and friends to eat, we all feel good, she sprouted the idea of selling beef noodles.

at the end of October last year, Ms. WeChat started in the circle of friends sent a message to sell beef noodle, did not expect the first day 10 people booking. Received after the appointment, Ms. their purchase of beef, noodles, while the evening rush hours, after driving his Porsche to send.

100 yuan a face, contains rich content

Face to discuss the topic of beef gave

a time to open Porsche, and a price of 100 yuan, was also said to the beef noodles "hermes". A face asking price 100 yuan, the reason for this price is from where? Ms. Ann gives this answer, "although it is a plane, but includes two bowl, a box of beef, packets, coriander, chopped green onion, two Marinated Egg, and retro wipes, chewing gum, Fresh Fruit Platter, large enough for two people to eat, if three people have some small appetite, enough to eat."

wealthy lady Anne also admitted that is to buy their own food, as well as their own labor to estimate this price, 100 yuan, not directly relates to the change, very convenient." However, beef noodles shop is 100 yuan a bowl, a bowl of the highest price in 32 yuan.

Now WeChat

circle of friends, Lady Anne also adhere to the 100 yuan for a delivery, the reporter contacted a Lady Anne here to eat noodles have spent more than twenty thousand yuan of the customer, the customer is a business person in charge, 100 yuan a bowl of sounds expensive, but 100 yuan can reach two eat beef, the amount of more, I feel able to accept."

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