entrepreneurial team, have ambition, there is not enough money, but also need to look at the time, and now is a good time to start, in the policy to actively encourage and support, is to bring a variety of opportunities, young people should grasp the opportunity of entrepreneurship.

the day before, the city issued a "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation implementation opinions", it is reported that the comments of my city public space construction plays a greater role in promoting. According to regulations, by 2020, the city to create a public space to reach more than 15. (February 27th "Yueqing daily") experts pointed out that in the current economic situation, we exposed weakness is lack of innovation and creativity in these years, we don’t have a lot of Nadechushou brands to participate in international competition.

if you do not pay close attention to the innovation and creativity are widely reflected in all walks of life, it will be difficult for us to further promote economic development. In recent years, from the central put forward the public entrepreneurship   people innovation to local governments at all levels to continue to strengthen support for entrepreneurs, the significance is also clearly in this.