in the rural areas of entrepreneurship, you need to identify the project, have a good project is the first step, the success of rural entrepreneurs get rich in fact, every year summer, rural areas will have a lot of small business opportunities, then the small to take a look at some suitable investment opportunities that are small.

When there is no best things at your local

In fact,

summer selling barbecue, temporary tattoo art, summer clothes, ornaments, fan, sun umbrella, sugar, cold drinks, watermelon.

In fact,

if the north side, because the time when more cold, usually late is less people go out, suggest that you can go to the school gate or selling roasted sweet potatoes are Tomatoes on sticks, the cost will not exceed 300 yuan.

pendulum stalls must pay attention to the purchase price in the same wholesale market, the same goods, but the price is not the same, so when you purchase must run more shops, ask the price to buy. Pay more attention to some wholesale market. Too formal wholesale market rent expensive, so things are more expensive. The price is very important.


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