do micro business how to improve performance? Do you want to improve the performance of micro business, the most important is the contacts and resources, to the accumulation of customers through a variety of marketing methods, but also is not to say that the number of powder more business will be better, but also know how to take care of your customers is also very important.

micro business marketing skills 1, so that micro business customer satisfaction

do micro business how to make customer satisfaction? Theory seems to be known to all, but the practice is very different results. Therefore, the real customer satisfaction is a systematic project, each link should be in place.

first of all, you have to honor their commitments in a timely manner. Many of the sales staff of the customer promised things, the record is more casual, which caused the delay or unfulfilled promises of cash. Or, the sales staff promised to go beyond the bottom line of the company, when there is a cash problem. You should always check the communication with key customers, to ensure that promises will be fulfilled.

then, it is important to remember that effective handling of customer complaints and complaints is important. Actively resolve customer complaints, complaints hotline also depends on the flow and customer service complaint handling flexibility and friendly attitude, treat customer complaints seriously, establish a standard language, method of complaint handling, such as provisions on response time, customer complaints handling etc..

in addition, you also need to regularly collect customer comments, find customer concerns, and constantly improve their services in response to these conditions. You can evaluate the customer satisfaction and loyalty through the customer satisfaction questionnaire, and find your "blind spot"".

micro business marketing skills 2, so that micro business customer loyalty

what is loyalty? In the face of similar competitive products, customers are more willing to continue to buy your products. So how to make customer loyalty? Here are some tips.

first, to provide customers with good products and services. Customers feel value for money, will be more satisfied, very trust, will naturally have a repeat purchase.

secondly, often care for customers, and customers to establish emotional bonds. When the baby is 3 months, to drink from the previous generation of milk powder into the two generation of milk, so if you can SMS remind mom and dad to notice this, customers will feel very warm, the possibility of repeat purchase is very large.

also reminds customers to buy your products through multiple channels (Internet, store, mail order, etc.). The use of multi – channel customers represents their relationship with your firm, and can reflect the value of your company.