actually have a lot of people think entrepreneurship is a very magnificent dream, need a little to a struggle, can realize the have to say, in fact, a look at the following example, you will be able to deeply understand actually very simple business.

fill Wang started a small range in the hot water bottle sales do attack cities and capture territories, Xiangtan city business school market is basically saturated, he will look into the other colleges in Xiangtan city. Two years, almost all the colleges in Xiangtan city hot water refill monopoly business, business has been booming, he will instead of the poor students.

in school assignment on the meeting, North special general manager went to Xiangtan business school, when many students face, the king should fill the company to go to work roll; let other students surprised.

50 thousand debt started business in August 10, 1989, the king got his wish to come to the north and south fill special food company to work, the specific work of Wang Tian is engaged in the business of office work, answering the phone. Half a year later, Wang filled his work experience to write a detailed report of the work, in the report also wrote a lot of suggestions and comments, and wrote his thoughts as a salesman. Soon, Wang Tian’s desire to achieve, after half a year he became a handyman from the purchaser; responsible for food procurement company.

After 3 years of