cooked food products are very popular in the market, not only convenient, but also delicious, in line with the modern consumer rhythm. Today Xiaobian summary of the market more popular five cooked food brands to make a brief introduction, you can determine the direction of investment in accordance with this list.

1. halogen taste crock cooked

2. general halogen cooked food

General halogen cooked products of flavour, aroma enticing, outside the tender slip, taste mellow, lead a person to endless aftertastes. General halogen cooked scientific formula has striking effect in the nerves, blood stasis, Yin tonifying the kidney of duck duck "fishy" peculiar smell, not only taste delicious, spicy aroma of Hong Ying is unique, also does not lose the flavor of the original fragrance, unique special aftertaste. General halogen cooked food agents to create a venture capital investment business is a good investment, million shop to earn profits, amazing wealth unstoppable.

3. halogen three cooked food

With the pure natural preservative material of Chinese medicine

4. halogen fragrance cooked food

5. halogen forest outside cooked food

forest outside the hundred years of imperial Deli halogen secret recipe, pursued by consumers, is the best choice to join. Outside the forest food after 100 years of halogen time baptism, can have been popular since its reasons are never out of our family, and the current head of Li Liangdao in the succession of innovation at the same time, Zuzhuanmifang, the taste is more suitable for the needs of modern people, very popular!