according to authoritative statistics show that in 2013, Chinese has over 10000 clothing enterprises, mainly in Guangdong, Dongguan, Zhejiang Huzhou, Fujian Quanzhou, Henan Anyang, Sichuan, Chengdu and other places, children’s annual output of about 5 billion, of which domestic sales of about 2 billion, the total sales of about 100 billion yuan. Some experts predict that the next 10 years, children’s clothing market demand will show a steady upward trend. By 2015 China’s children’s wear market can reach 140 billion yuan.

from this year’s major clothing brands in the earnings release can be found, children’s wear plate has become the biggest power clothing enterprise revenue recovery. The industry believes that the major clothing brands have bet on children’s clothing, big market, high profits, the competition pattern has not yet been finalized, is the main reason. With the advent of the next peak of children’s clothing market, consumer demand will continue to rise.

Facing the problem of

A, not high degree of standardization. For enterprises, standardization is a long-term accumulation process. At present, some employees are relatively low technical quality, can not fully and accurately understand the importance of national standards and related product standards, some standards for six months or even the implementation of the enterprise did not know. With production equipment and backward technology, management level and technical strength is poor, and do not pay attention to product quality, in order to reduce the cost of procurement and the second lowest quality materials, resulting in product quality can not be guaranteed.

two, the overall quality is low. China’s children’s wear industry prospects, but still faces many problems. Small and medium-sized enterprises due to lack of funds and the level of equipment is relatively backward, quality control is not in place, resulting in the product pass rate is not high phenomenon, resulting in China’s textile children and infant clothing product overall quality level is low.


four, the price is not lower than adult clothing. From a national perspective, not children’s clothing market competition, a children’s clothing materials only ChengRenZhuang 1/3, but the price is not much cheaper than adults. >