said Hot pot, like this small I don’t eat Hot pot people can casually several Hot pot brand called, what Dezhuang, Hot pot Daimei Hot pot. How do I know that of course is heard from other people’s mouth. As can be imagined Daimei Hot pot brand reputation is very good.

Daimei Hot pot as it was called, had a special feeling of ethnic minorities has brought to people, taste more unique, as is a kind of magic, people after his time is always happy to recommend to people around the Hot pot, Daimei Hot pot not only in taste is very distinctive. And are quite rich, the price is not expensive, get more people of all ages. So some people also want to open a chain like this, then Dai Mei pot shop to join the cost is how much?

Dai Mei pot join fee

Daimei Hot pot using old chicken, duck, seafood, turtle one as Hot pot bottom material, then in more than 20 kinds of fungi, such as selection of Boletus, bamboo fungus, Hericium one or several, put the cooked soup in the pot, no MSG also delicious fragrance. Compared with traditional hot pot, Dai Mei hot pot with low fat, high protein, fat and not greasy.

of mass consumption, high-end enjoyment, classic Hot pot from Dai, authentic Hot pot in Daimei! Super products, profit channels, into a shop, eat a potpourri pot, sell more and earn more, Daimei Hot pot contains 4 basic bottom: Yuanyang pot, spicy pot, spicy delicious the bottom of the pot, Peru, spicy spicy pot bottom and the bottom are all unique, meet the various levels of people.

Daimei Hot pot is a cater to popular taste and demand Hot pot brand, so its development prospect is nothing to worry about, and this is a national chain brand, visibility is very high, consumers are more willing to choose to taste the delicious Daimei Hot pot. Because of the high popularity of the brand, so some investors will think the join cost will be very high, in fact is not the case, if there is no more money, ten thousand to fifty thousand of the cost of joining can achieve a popular Daimei Hot pot shop wish.

choose Dai Mei hot pot to join the brand protection. Headquarters professional market investigation and selection team and system, scientific market location and evaluation system, effectively protect the interests of investors and reduce investment risk; pre opening, planning, training, strengthen market positioning, business support system, help the franchisee opened smoothly.

Daimei Hot pot joined each copy shop to guarantee success, only a prefecture level city owned stores, joining with other city’s proprietary stores by the responsible, charge fees to join the proprietary stores all the company to provide support technology and management to ensure the full range of cities "