to a year of graduation season, when some students in the hard to vote resume, apply for the time, but there are some students began to start a business. The government to encourage students to entrepreneurship, provide business loans for college students. College students venture loans, banks and other financial institutions for college students (college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, etc.) issued unsecured unsecured credit loans to college students.

application conditions

1, graduating college students and graduates within two years of college students; 2, college degree or above; 3, above the age of 18.

application data

1, identification.

2, students need to provide student ID card, school transcripts.

3, graduate students need to provide graduation certificate, degree certificate.

4, commonly used passbook or bank card reconciliation list over the past 6 months.

5, the applicant’s personal or family income and property status, such as the ability to repay documents.

6, applicant and spouse identification (including identity card, residence booklet or other valid residence permit) and marital status certificate.

7, the right to dispose of the people agree to the (quality) of the proof of custody, the bank approved by the assessment department issued by the arrival (quality) of the valuation report.

8, the applicant’s business license and the relevant business license, the use of the loan agreement, contract or other information.

application process

1, acceptance. The applicant to the university student park management service center to apply for, and submit the relevant declaration materials, by the University Students Pioneer Park Management Service Center for the first instance.

2, audit. In the first instance through commercial loans and the amount of the object, by the Personnel Bureau in conjunction with the Finance Bureau and other relevant departments according to the direction of industry, enterprise scale, employment, registered capital and profits of the commercial loan discount for the object information audit, and approved discount amount.

3, publicity. After the review of the commercial loan discount object and the amount of interest paid by the Personnel Bureau and the applicant unit or community publicity, publicity period of 5 working days.

4, approved. After publicity without objection by the Personnel Bureau issued a notice of approval.

5, appropriation. According to the relevant departments approved notice, the Financial Bureau in the interest of the object to provide proof of interest from the support of college students to start their own venture capital funds allocated special funds.

1, priority loan support, appropriate credit loans. Increase the support of college graduates to start their own business loans, for the provision of effective assets (quality) charge or superior