Abstract: the company founder, was originally the plight of the "three men", or the Internet technology "layman", but from the three mattresses started, became a billionaire. The company is now the hottest Airbnb.

this is a look very cool website

bus work tired, can not help but steal a glance at

YY the next trip


has it

we spend less money on the trip

will have the opportunity to live in the tree house, Castle, yacht, haunted house……

it is also a typical success story of the global shared economy

The site is

in yen value Yiqijuechen

benefits from founder

is the two art (Qiong) (Xue) family (Sheng)

today about the


Blaine · ceschi

Brian Chesky

Airbnb founder, CEO






not long ago, an article called "Airbnb killed my father," the article blew up the social network, the lack of sharing in the regulatory issues of the economy once again placed in front of the public. Every time before the crisis as the slow response of CEO ceschi even directly rather disappointing aphasia.

Art Department of origin ceschi without any management experience in large enterprises in the industry, a shortcut to the cow force people to steal his rapid progress "". He is from the former CIA chief George · Turner learned the "shipwreck theory", with Buffett long four hours, learn to think "not be noise" can be really deep. Steal his object also includes Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, LinkedIn Jeff Weiner, Jobs and so on, which makes ceschi quickly formed a set of their own methodology.

Airbnb is the most outstanding performance in all Internet Co is the corporate culture. Buffett once commented on this: even if he didn’t give him 10 Fen, he would do the same thing as he does now, as he does now, as he does now, with Cheski. Ceschi promoting the corporate culture is the hope that employees like >