home textile industry in the market is very important, because the industry is closely related to people’s daily lives, so investors. The following small series for everyone to analyze a small entrepreneurs to invest in the rich story of the textile industry.

: the protagonist Xu Yang

birthplace: Sichuan

News: Xu Yang in CCTV-2 "win in Chinese", from nearly 200 thousand applicants in November 28th and qualified talent shows itself, successfully broke into the national top 36. Only 2 Guangdong players in the top 36, and another from Shenzhen.

10 on the afternoon of 25 May, is talking about the business of Xu Yang received a phone call, he ranked in the top of the national rankings, and ultimately into the top 108. Guangdong division finalists 108 players less than 10 people, only one person from Foshan ocean. At that time, he was so excited that he hugged his client, a young girl, of course, 0." Xu Yang said.