China’s food and beverage market has been able to become bigger and stronger, which must be the integration of foreign catering enterprises. Chinese and Western cultural exchanges but also to promote the development of the domestic economy, as we see the rapid growth of China’s economy, which is the result of the strength of the parties gathered.

Beijing origus catering Co. Ltd. (Group) is a wholly foreign-owned Western-style food chain enterprises, Chinese entered the market in 1998, launched the first pizza buffet business model, as China pizza self-help market pioneer and leader, after 10 years of unremitting efforts and the accumulation of brands, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming in Zhengzhou, dozens of large and medium-sized city with more than 150 restaurants, with millions of loyal members. As the first brand in the domestic market with good pizza buffet, mature management mode and perfect management system. With products and services of high quality, unique business philosophy, the company has won recognition and praise of customers, brand value rising, and continue to include "China the most development potential of the chain brand" and "China catering industry hundred enterprises" and many other awards, is in 2008 successfully serving the Olympic Games International News center. At present, the group has been involved in the pizza dinner buffet, high-end multiple business areas, fast food delivery, and diversified basis, to establish a Hongjia Kang central factory as the core system of supply chain logistics and procurement center as a whole, is committed to create a good international chain of sustainable development brand.

good buffet to need how many money?

brand name: origus buffet

investment amount: more than 1 million

date of establishment: 1998-01-01

total number of stores: 300

business scope: Western

for the crowd: free entrepreneurship

join area: National


have a regional license:

brand birthplace: Beijing

business conditions requirements: minimum 500 square meters of the actual use of the area of

margin: 150 thousand yuan

join Gold: 400 thousand yuan


above is the simple introduction of the good buffet franchise fee, you want to join the arrival of some help, if you ask what other aspects.