ordinary people tend to focus only on the poor and rich people in the world today, but did not pay attention to their history and past. Today’s rich may be yesterday’s poor; today’s poor, may be the rich yesterday. The poor and the rich, they once stood on the same starting line, but the result is why different? Let’s take a look at this story.

The three man

The first guy

he bent on the ground pick up a handful of dirt, begged: "I want this one, please sell me! How much does it cost?!"

the first to buy the apple man still to buy apple, shipped back to sales, but earn less and less money, and sometimes do not earn or lose money.

The boy had

third buy mud boy, and finally have and harvest apples, he planted apple flavor sweet, attracted many buyers, always sell to the best price.

full network comments: this story is a reality, three people than a clever, they have left us a lot of inspiration.