60 tastes good, spicy and delicious, you can not refuse the delicacy, a lot of people want to start but don’t know what industry is good, in fact, a flower shop is very good, can bring a great harvest, today we bring the story is a young couple opened 60 shop business is hot what.

the first month net income amounted to 80 thousand yuan

this is a what kind of delicious, let diners like love? According to a person who lives in the high-tech zone, diners introduction: "this has not remember how many times they eat is the sixtieth fried noodle, and each is one point two copies. What surprised me most is a very clean, rarely eat with sand." About sixty fried noodle taste, many diners have a thumbs up. Vermicelli Q bomb, full of vigour, into the fresh scent of 60, the couple joined their modulation of spicy sauce, eat a let diners stop.