someone set up shop failure, it is natural to open a shop success. The reason why the shop can be successful, often because of mastering a certain business skills. Wei Meizhen’s business can achieve such a great success, naturally associated with all kinds of business she has mastered. Wei Meizhen’s shop is located in Shilong Town, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region City, Guiping, shop for nearly 4 years, the business has been very prosperous. For the business secret, Wei Meizhen quite experience summed up as three colorful".

one is operating ground gas". Wei Meizhen’s shop to sell food, daily necessities, such as bulk wine, sugar, beverage, daily necessaries, are in line with the town of consumer demand, the business scope of "down to earth". Operating hours from 6 in the morning to the evening of 11, with most of the activities of the time fit, service time, ground gas".

two hospitality is very friendly". Wei Meizhen is easy-going and whether everyone to shop to be greeted, such as family and folks like, never Quejinshaoliang, preoccupied, often the mantissa erased, Rangli initiative, many customers have become her friend.

three is a shop "popular". Wei Meizhen love show, the store often play drama, a lot of fans to listen, to solicit comments. There is a sofa, TV and tea, everyone likes to get together in the store, talk about the store is particularly popular.

said "colorful", because the shop is decorated very bright. People into the store is the first to see the eye-catching orange smoke cabinet, display a different brand cigarette smoke riotous with colour in the cabinet; the whitewashed walls posted a yellow and blue cigarette billboards, shop looks, riotous with colour eyes.

no one’s business will fail for no reason at all, similarly, in the current fierce competition in the society, no one’s business can be successful without reason. And Wei Meizhen’s business can get such a big success, naturally with the three "colorful" she has a great relationship.