with the increase in the amount of people travel, so the demand for cars in life is also increasing, so the market about the car gradually hot up. Following the deep North of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places to put the network about the car after the new deal, in October 14th, Nanjing net rules about car draft landing requirements within two years, more than 2700 mm, wheelbase car engine output power of 108 kw. The proposed trial will be a large part of the network about the car outside the door.

day before the 33 Nanjing car rental enterprises jointly to the transportation department submission, proposed to amend the vehicle standards, reduce the access threshold, buffer period to the existing stock of net about car set two years.

after the new deal, a large number of nets about the car will withdraw from the market

at the end of last year, the original work in the south of master Chen joined Nanjing leasing companies, invested nearly 200 thousand yuan to buy a Nissan Teana car began to run. Although a little hard, but the monthly income can be, master Chen put great enthusiasm for this new job. Working for seven or eight months, he served up to 98~100 points, is a good driver.


, the car engine power master Chen is only 100 kilowatts, does not meet the intended for the network about the new car condition, if the draft did not change after November 1st, he can’t do network about the car driver.

if the car left to do private cars, the home did not meet the conditions. If sold, the loss of at least sixty thousand dollars." Master Chen said, the car just to pay off the loan, if not done, he is very confused, "I was a pillar of the family, his wife monthly wage income of 2000 yuan, daughter still in school, if you can’t drive, really do not know what to do the work."

Yue is a 80, driving a Honda Jade, more than a year ago began to use their own private car orders, is about the car in the car old driver".

as a young man, he knows a lot about policy. "My car engine power is 104 kW, and there is no vehicle stabilizer, it is estimated that more than half a month can not do. Not only me, more than 80% of the drivers have to quit." Mr. Yue said that after the publication of the new deal, he’s going to find another way out.

new deal may double operating costs

Ms. Wang lived in Nanjing Yuhuatai District, usually go to work by bus, but with the child out, they often choose a taxi. In recent days, she opened the car on the phone about the car software, found almost no car near the home can play, even if occasionally hit the car, waiting time is more than 8 minutes. I heard about the new car network will be implemented, the taxi also gradually double billing, she was worried that the new deal recommended