in the new period, whether the rural economy is the rural social development has embarked on a new level. At the same time, there are more and more investors will also look to the entire investment in the vast rural areas, so, in the method of rural entrepreneurs need to pay attention to what are the?

to what? The first is that marketing personnel, a city of people ran to the countryside, what do you think he can bring you benefits? Can not ah, so do the rural market, first of all, you have to find the appropriate local people, remember to do a large area of the product manager, I was specifically recruited local people in rural areas, why? The market of the city, as long as a week or so you know about, but in rural areas, urban area is often a few times a hundred times, people in rural areas to rural knowledge, do not believe, you ask the city of Hangzhou, Yuhang following the township which remember? But they are too familiar with the countryside.

Second, looking for a series of


Third, find the hill, occupied the commanding heights of

and the center area, often dominated by two or three senior terminal, the two or three terminal stores play a true role. So, do the rural market, do not want to do their own face, seize the key stars on a few points on the line.

Fourth, find a reputation of the dealer

in the rural market, especially in twenty-first Century the rural market, traffic is not like what is difficult, but the rural recommended