is one of the original decoration has been old, and secondly, the original style is no longer meet the needs of the current society, so many tea shops will choose to re decoration. It is not difficult to find, and now more and more tea shop decoration more and more style. In the sense that the tea shop decoration and sales also have this great relevance, many open tea shop and friends have also played the "decoration" idea, trying to change the appearance of the tea shop, with appropriate customer taste, increase the tea sales objective.

recently, many tea shops in Fuzhou set off upgrade wind. In the bustling section of the image store or flagship store, the decoration is more and more high-grade. These tea shop stores, flagship stores are selected in the downtown section or important business district, Rudong street, Jin Yuan, Shangri-La, near the hotel there are nine peaks tea, Hua Xiangyuan, and other well-known enterprises in Fujian Widmanstaten tea tea shop opened, many shops rent expensive, tens of thousands of yuan.

business area is more and more big, to hundreds of square meters now from the original dozen square meters; the decoration is also more and more grade, function more and more complete, from the original single – now extended to luxury goods VIP tea, tea and even book; the quality of the staff has improved significantly, as many artists have tea college degree or above.

of course, these tea shop upgrade means capital investment increased. Near the corner of Rudong, a large number of square meters of high-grade tea flagship store, excluding rent, only decoration boss spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. The author found that, in addition to the well-known tea stores in the "upgrade", Rongcheng many small tea shops also increase capital investment, improve the tea packing grade, the store was renovated, according to reports, the current cost 4489 yuan to open a little scale tea shop is not what fresh thing, even open a small tea shop, some will spend fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan decoration.

why Rongcheng tea shops have "upgrade"? A tea shop responsible person said, there are many reasons: first, Fuzhou tea market competition has become increasingly fierce, tea shop through the "upgrade", one can establish their own brand image in the industry, on the other hand, to raise the threshold, so that newcomers to stop; secondly the consumer demands are more diversified, process buy tea is not only the process of shopping, but also enjoy the process of tea culture, which requires the tea shop decoration has a certain level, the quality of sales staff should be higher; again, with QS in the implementation of the tea industry, small tea shops do not meet face close, well-known chain of tea enterprises hope that through the establishment of the flagship store, to enhance the image of the store store incorporated "chips".

but many consumers worry, tea shop more and more high-grade, tea prices will rise? In this regard, the majority of tea merchants said, Fuzhou tea shop upgrade, taking into account the cost of the problem, the price will be raised, but as the norm of the tea shop, generally with >