is now out of the online shopping has become a trend, of course, the achievements of the home economy. Buy clothes online, electronic products to buy online, and now can also be customized furniture from the Internet to buy, such an innovative shop destined to hot business.

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custom furniture last year accounted for 5 million

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"after 70" Chen Lei is the pioneer of the business into the custom furniture market. 2005, due to the decoration of his house, he went online to buy furniture Guangdong merchants. From the perspective of their own needs, he was disappointed to find that the market does not provide customized furniture businesses. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to realize that custom furniture will be a very promising direction of entrepreneurship.

with "want to do not want other people to do or find it difficult to work" of the faith, Chen Lei home in Hubei, while continuing to work in state-owned enterprises, and began preparations for business. Bought a lot of books and software, self-learning Photoshop, CAD, furniture design software and other related software, and try to practice creative furniture.

2005 to 2006, Chen Lei began to work as a part-time shop seller, first in the Alibaba website to find the furniture semi-finished products, try to provide customers with design and sales of related components. In 2008, with the gradual improvement of the design level, he began to provide customers with the overall design services, that is, custom furniture throughout the house. In 2010, he turned full-time seller, and began to develop innovative products. March of this year, due to the development needs, he moved to work in Foshan, to solve the problem of the remote control of furniture raw materials, plant resources bottleneck.

self-study hit 4 design patents

Custom it, helps customers save Amoy furniture, conveniently presents the design details of the requirements, see the renderings and drawings in a timely manner, finally received their own personalized products expected, the harvest is recommended