business special snack stores need to do the daily management of the store management if the consumer is not very good at learning requires some experience, otherwise it will have great influence on store profitability, today Xiaobian share some business details, hope you can help.

1, the requirements of the staff to have food and health education, work clothes to meet the health standards, service personnel have rules;

2, the working environment and equipment requirements of the control and maintenance of refrigerated containers, glass windows, large boxes, etc., to determine the specific person in charge, as well as specific measures, such as how long a second;

3, the requirements for garbage disposal requirements to have specific treatment;

4, the consumer advisory requirements to have a standard consumer opinion book, consumer complaints, etc..

5, specialty snack food hygiene: to the restaurant health management matters posted in accordance with the implementation, but also specific measures. For example: clean the floor every day, a detailed account of how many times a day cleaning, specifically who is clean and how to clean, what to clean and so on;

, receiving and storage of raw materials requirements of specific methods, date, quality inspection (tags, features, packaging, etc.);


7, the daily necessities of the management, use of the required time, methods, tools and processing materials;

8, disinfection, cleaning requirements to implement specific people, with what tools, raw materials, how to clean;

9, on the pests and control requirements of long arc time, normal method and supplementary measures.

business special snack stores need a lot of attention to details of modern business, consumers are very concerned about the details, if you want good service customer needs in the daily management work harder, if you want to learn more about the experience that do.

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