no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, as long as the entrepreneurial shop, naturally need to be based on the cost. Only if you have enough money, you can make it more likely to start a business. However, precisely because of this cost, so many entrepreneurs can not afford. So, how much money to open a home 3D printing shop to invest?

Rapid prototyping technology for

3D printing. The use of different specifications of the 3D printer, we can print out cars, aircraft and other monsters, you can also print a key ring, cell phone shell and other interesting items of life. China’s "God 10" on the 3D printing works – the astronaut’s cushion.

and traditional printing technology is the most intuitive difference: the use of "ink" different. 3D printing technology uses the "ink" is a powder metal or plastic, such as bonding materials, by layer by layer printing to construct objects.

Advantage: including

3D printing manufacturing complex items do not increase the cost, so the parts one-time molding, no assembly, print on demand, reduce the cost of logistics, design unlimited space, zero skill manufacturing, space, portable manufacturing, reduce waste products, precise entity copy.

3D printing technology has been in the domestic jewelry, footwear, automotive and many other fields have been applied.

2012 at the end of the movie "twelve year", Jackie Chan plays the international thief acquired 3D data treasure bronzes with high-tech means of scanning, remote transmission to a magical machine, immediately copied the bronze animal heads as like as two peas, the audience amazed. The science fiction scene, is the use of 3D printing technology presented.

just in the end of the sixteenth Expo, 3D printing has become the first hot. Whether the number of exhibitors, exhibition or related technology are among the highest number of the exhibition. And almost every 3D printing technology booth has been crowded around the onlookers, the scene of a large number of orders to the enterprise. Authorities predict that the next 5 years, the Chinese market will become the world’s largest 3D printing market.

an hour print mini version of their own

reporter in a 3D image gallery booth, saw a 3D printer. According to booth staff, as long as the individual information scanning, and then through the 3D printer can print out a.

reporter decided to experience it, I saw the staff with a shape of the electric iron scanner, scanning the reporter. This is like the human body has a cylindrical shield, the same level of arc scanning, from the head, a layer of scanning to the foot, and then the whole back is also as