rural parents have worked so hard to give their children to school, that the children in the city can rise head and shoulders above others achievement, career, and after graduation Wang Xiaohui home business pig, got the support of parents, the same, he also proves his choice to parents.


2013, Wang Xiaohui university graduation, see the local supermarket an ecological Black Pork sold 50 yuan 1 pounds, I recalled home in Jixi county has a pig protection level included in the national list of livestock and poultry germplasm resources, the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship home pig.


2014, Wang Xiaohui breeding of the first batch of successful listing of black pork.   during the Spring Festival in 2015, he set out a one-time 200 Jixi black pigs, mainly sold to Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas of the hotel, with an average of about $40 per catty. Today, the scale of Wang Xiaohui’s culture has grown to thousands of lines under the line marketing, annual output value of 5 million yuan. Wang Xiaohui also won the title of top ten young entrepreneurs in Xuancheng, Jixi.


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