3 million in the past must be a small number, but now what can be done? A three day tour? Can not buy three square meters of land to their feet? But Xiao Bian to tell you, 30 thousand yuan enough for you to be a pioneer. Then someone will ask 30 thousand yuan can create what industry?

in the catering market, Malatang is a wide chowhound friends love and pursuit of the first meal, in the market’s popularity is very high. And now, with more and more people like to eat spicy hot, and its prospects for the development of the market is also more broad up.

is also a lot of people fancy hot and spicy industry which contains a huge market and business opportunities, but also produced the idea of opening a hot shop. Sichuan Sichuan’s public Malatang brand as a special delicacy, great reputation of the spicy delicious, delicious, people still want to eat eat, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

Beijing Sichuan Sichuan’s Public Catering Management Company Limited is a set of projects to promote the integration of investment management company, the company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented enterprise core value" concept, to meet the needs of customers for the purpose, dedication to the company and partners to provide the most practical and simple business model. Combined with its rich food the market operation experience, to provide professional and scientific advisory planning services and catering catering brand planning for catering to investors, many small investors realize the dream of wealth by Bacera catering.

Beijing Sichuan Sichuan’s Public Catering Management Limited – people-oriented " " is the main body of management, is in the core position of the enterprise, only " people-oriented ", in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. The market for all management activities, enterprise must focus on market the barometer to " ", take the market as the concept of enterprise management, and determine the outline of the development strategy of.

Sichuan Sichuan male Malatang is a woman in the capital is also very popular spicy spicy Sichuan stores, using fresh pepper, hemp tongue jump pepper, pepper and other spices, boil together Malatang soup out of the system and the large bone, bid all meat ingredients, cleaning after the partition. Place, not only has the traditional delicious, clean health.

delicious, healthy, nutritious, safe food and beverage brands, in the broad consumer market, of course, can cause the majority of our favorite consumer groups and attention. Sichuan male Sichuan Po Malatang brand, can not only bring the majority of people are not the same consumer more enjoyment of taste at the same time, also joined for entrepreneurs to bring more a full range of business support, what are you waiting for?