will enter the next winter, so we will be equipped with strong down jacket, down jacket as of course brings us a lot of warm, but for its love we don’t seem to be like him in every possible way, here we have a trick.

jacket in poultry down for protein fiber, if use soap or ordinary laundry detergent (not use detergent enzyme), because it has strong alkaline, the jacket lose softness, elasticity and gloss, becomes dry, stiff and aging, shorten the service life of eider down.

in the down jacket inside, are sewn with a printed maintenance and washing instructions sticker, careful people will find that 90% down jacket marked to hand washing, do not dry, because the dry cleaning medicine used will affect the warmth, also can make the fabric aging. While washing and drying, stirring after being screwed down jacket, easily lead to uneven thickness of filler, making the clothes out of shape, affect the appearance and warmth.

the first down into the cold water soak for 20 minutes, let down jacket and fully wet. The detergent into 30 degrees warm water, then soak down into which a quarter of an hour, and then using a soft bristle brush gently scrub. Rinse with warm water, can be conducive to the full dissolution of detergent in water, so that the clothes washed down more clean.

if you must use feather detergent cleaning clothes, usually two to 5 tablespoons of water into the basin 4 washing powder is appropriate, if the concentration is too high, it is difficult to rinse, washing powder down residue, will affect the fluffy down, greatly reduce the warm.

neutral detergent on clothing and down the minimum damage, using alkaline detergent, if not rinse clean, residual detergent will cause damage to the down jacket, and easy to leave white marks on the surface of clothes, affect the appearance. Removal of residual alkaline detergent, can be rinsed two times, in warm water to add a small amount of vinegar in the next two minutes, the clothes will be soaked for a while and then rinse, vinegar can neutralize alkaline detergent.

have this a few big trick, I believe that we are able to withstand a cold.

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