December 19th, together with the network announced the landing of three new board. Unlike other "Internet plus", Internet plus decoration and field not two years before the rise, but in the short two or three years, it also experienced hot money, prosperity, winter and cool.


together with the decoration network CEO Huang Shengjie

decoration network was established in 2009, which is his main rival, the Shenzhen Tencent Building next to the tuba rabbit, a year later than. This is home to the building materials and the Internet as the two largest group purchase integrated the core business of the company, currently in the country have set up 16 branches and 10 store experience, to provide services for the country’s 49 major large and medium-sized city owners.

decoration is a deep water area, opaque building materials, price opaque, opaque information is one of the main problems. Users in the decoration prior to the understanding of the price, materials, construction period, often in the process of renovation through a variety of twists and turns and can not achieve expectations. For example, the increase of money demand the foreman, such as cabinet suppliers to send the stove hood represents a hose to extra charge, a variety of standard or covertly impossible to guard against.

decoration network CEO Huang Shengjie put his home platform as a decoration company, he has to do is to remove all the intermediate links in the decoration, the first is the traditional decoration company, small foreman, foreman, and designer kickbacks, will also gradually remove the building materials dealers and stores.


must be removed (in the decoration) increase, it’s of vital importance." Huang Shengjie said, if there is a violation of the phenomenon, just the beginning of the platform will come up with one million to compensate, after the loss will be distressed, which will force the team to really change."

Huang Shengjie believes that the future of the decoration industry, the three key points, namely, decoration, Internet and finance. Decoration is the foundation, the quality of service is guaranteed, the Internet is efficient, financial management and control of the upstream and downstream supply chain weapon.

with the O2O venture into the Internet’s Internet standard, this line under the field of in-depth home two years ago when a fire. According to NetEase home released in 2016, the Internet home improvement white paper shows that from 2014 to the second half of 2015, the online home improvement platform and enterprises soared from 20 to 200. The similar patterns of a large number of platforms is serious, the lack of core competitiveness, in 2016 there are a large number of homogeneous enterprises disappeared, now it has dropped to about 120, the future of the industry will also further reshuffle.

outbreak in a short period of time there are still deep-seated reasons behind it. In Huang Shengjie view, first of all, the user needs have been greatly improved. With the Internet to meet the needs of other people in the life of the O2O module convenient and efficient, the decoration of the tolerance of pain points greatly reduced. Secondly, the changes in the user led to a fundamental change in the source channel owners. Original knot >