a successful entrepreneur, you should know the truth of several aspects:

A, about money and wealth

. Only one purpose: to make money is spent. Less money, their own, more, that is, everyone, and more, is the people, so called rmb.

* old time and space, these people are the poorest, most stupid people knew the money in the bank, the bank does not love to spend the money used to love to spend money to spend.

two, about


* sales not to sell, is to help customers to buy.

* all available Chinese marketing in a word " instead of " Confucianism; Confucianism: {+} to {+ $} Buddha.

enterprises only marketing profits can be achieved, the other is the cost of the enterprise, the biggest cost is not understand marketing staff.

. Customers not only care about who you are, he is more concerned about what can you bring benefits to him.

. The customer does not reject the product, he is not a denial of service, he refused to mediocrity.

* is a kind of inertia, when the customer refused to us, our work has only just begun ".

on the learning and growth

. The knowledge is learned, ability is out of practice, the mind is to repair.

. We should spend three not to blink: parents spend money not blink; iron man money do not blink; in order to grow and learn to live.

. Mao Zedong also said that three days learning Comrade Liu Shaoji will miss the.

. Others lack of body, is the value of their own existence.

* thinking is the source of all power of


a mental model is not good, it is easy to know more and more reactionary.

. A man is not as important, because too few friends, friends of high quality.

. You put the Scriptures into the mind, it is your self.