now the people’s living conditions better, more pay attention to the maintenance, also let a lot of beauty salon business is booming, and now some of the first tier and second tier city district emerged in many beauty salons to join, whether civilian price or high-end beauty salons, which shows that the industry has a huge market business development so, if you want to invest to pay attention to what the? Where? First, analysis of the survey results of flow around the beauty salon franchise.

it is true that the flow of people is an important factor in determining the store, but to understand the customer’s consumption goals, is the more important work. How much is the effective traffic of stores? Such as the Shanghai Yu Garden mall is a collection of gardens, temples, as one of the commercial market, the daily traffic of more than hundreds of thousands, but most of the passenger travel, not a customer, tourism and catering consumption target. If you choose to open nearly 10000 square meters of large department stores, it is certainly not, should be expected to predict the effective amount of passenger traffic after the decision to buy.

second, the beauty salon franchise competitors analysis. The analysis of competitors can be divided into two forms: intratypescompetition (intertypecompetition) and out of market competition. With the aggravation of the market competition, in order to attract more customers, to provide one-stop shopping for customers (one- stopshopping), the phenomenon will often see stores sell the goods and store the type of irrelevant, this phenomenon is called predatory sales (scrambledmerchandise). In the face of these market competition from all sides, as a market intruder should have sufficient preparation, reasonable and accurate calculation of the remaining market share, in order to establish their own store business positioning.

III, geographical location. Beauty salon franchise stores need to pay attention to the location of the geographical location. In the customer shopping because the convenience store address always choose the reason, so when identify competitors, proximity sites is an important factor in the store location. To correctly judge the shopping habits of customers walking route, the first to occupy a favorable position, ready for the success of beauty chain.

four, cost accounting. Beauty salon franchise stores cost accounting believe I do not have to say.

but one thing should be paid attention to: the success of beauty chain stores that use the marginal benefit of economies of scale, and some of the beauty salon franchise stores the location of the distance of the center of the warehouse far away, especially just over a day trip truck. If the distance between the stores is very close (in the case of mutual influence does not affect the amount of), you can save a considerable amount of money, such as two stores can share a manager, goods distribution is more convenient, etc..