Malatang is our mouth

Chuanchuan Xiang, in the catering industry in many clusters of incense to join in the project both six Chuanchuan Xiang sought after by people, just because of its origin there is a touching story…

Sichuan Sanjiang is the confluence of Minjiang River, Qingyi River and Dadu River in Leshan. In Leshan, Sanjiang (called Jiazhou) together, was fierce, destroy three river wall, often caused the boat crash tragedy. Tang Kaiyuan, a monk Haitong mage sympathetic to the masses, trying to take advantage of the power of Dharma, to reduce the water potential, Yong Zhen Feng tao. He is all over the world, offering money carved buddha. His Buddha also moved the people along the river. Because many builders, in daily meals, also can not meet the demand. So the surrounding good cooking women have come to help.

In order to facilitate the operation of

in the cliff Mason food, a natural six refers to the old lady, for the convenience of call call she put the vegetables and meat prod six woman dressed in a pan, cooked, and then sent to the mountains, let people use chopsticks to eat the delicious delicious meals. Sometimes she also put a good seasoning of the small oil on the cliff, hot food to the craftsmen.

Sixth aunt do

string dishes spicy delicious, with the scent of a man Xiangpiao, everyone, as for chef to sixth aunt. Sixth aunt year after year, regardless of the wind snow and rain, always can see both six teeter back. Sixth aunt with bamboo delicacy inspire sentient beings, accompany sentient beings, until the completion of Yong Zhen Sanjiang buddha.

people in memory of six woman, will follow her vegetable with bamboo strung, eating hot, eat and talk, on this road, communicate feelings. This * * dining way evolution to today, has become today’s Chengdu near Leshan popular sixth aunt Chuanchuan xiang.

Sixth aunt

later Mr. Yang Lin, in the mining and inheritance of Sichuan cultural essence of the mission, in studying ancestral secret recipe on the basis of combining the modern eating habits and health requirements, as well as traditional Malatang ancient recipe essence, visit teacher, consult a Chinese medicine experts, bold innovation, unique advantages the motherland medicine, a unique configuration of both six bottom material and dry dish sixth aunt formula, named "sixth aunt". "Six woman" officially registered trademark. In September 2007, six Shiva catering Co. Ltd. was established, "sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang was born.

Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang

so how to join? Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang joining process:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.