winter solstice has been in the past, the advent of winter quietly, with the decline in temperature, the color of the Xiangshan red leaf has reached 80%, the basic is nearing completion. In recent days, every weekend tourists are tens of thousands of people out of their homes, hoping to keep the tail of the autumn, remember the taste of autumn to winter, unable to part of the.

latest statistics show that the red leaves Festival opened yesterday, a total of more than 1 million tourists ushered in xiangshan. From the beginning of this week, the Xiangshan Park will usher in the "red floating Dan" scenery. Provinces and cities are expected to reduce the number of teams, Beijing people can seize the last time, arranged to Xiangshan red leaves. It is reported that Xiangshan red leaf festival will be closed on November 13th.

incense peak and other attractions selected the best red spot

yesterday, Xiangshan Park recommended 5 best maple leaf ornamental, respectively, Xianglufeng qingweiliao, Sen Yuhu, every cloud clock and flow water pavilion. According to the relevant person in charge of the park, the 5 points of view are different, visitors can choose to go.

, for example, in the incense burner peak, can be a bird’s eye view of the Fragrant Hills panoramic view of the red hills of the fragrant hills. Flow and Water Pavilion Sen wat is outside the forest leaves, which is located in the heart of the experience, people at the scene, take good effect. Every cloud overlooking the panoramic red clock can nanshan. Qingweiliao is located in the east gate, one of the providence Park twenty-eight scene, overlooking the mountain leaves, while close watch leaves.

at the same time, Fragrant Hills Park also released 4 red tours. For example, the "historical road" leaves the tour, visitors from the palace gate into the park and turn left after the static lake, Cuiwei Pavilion, Shuangqing villa, Xuan Qiulin, the wind Langzhong Pavilion, door, Henan and Timon to Xianglufeng, this is the ancient emperor mountain to enjoy the scenery okimichi. This line takes about 60 minutes.

and the "shortcut" admire the red line: from the palace gate into the park, in front of the main hall qinzhengdian head will be able to enjoy the two strains of exuberant growth of maple, go to the south for about 5 minutes, in the static lake can see diffuse Red Hill scenery, is the best place to take pictures. It takes only 20 minutes. In addition, visitors can also go to the south of the red mountain forest, close to enjoy the red leaves, or take a cable car, no easy to reach the top of the incense burner, in the course of the smooth, overlooking the landscape of Nanshan red leaves.

red Festival during a total of 50 emergency relief

along with the number of visitors to the Fragrant Hills rose, red, during the accident also occurred during the accident. Beiqing Bao reporter was informed that this year, so far, Red Hill Park, a total of 50 Emergency Rescue Incident occurred.


management team responsible for Xiangshan grid routine inspection, forest fire prevention patrol, Yung cleaning, security, parking lot management work recommended