a store display contains all the content, many of them will ignore the dead. However, the dead space display can not be ignored, especially for the development of the store business, but also need to attract people’s attention. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the case.

shop entrance left half a district into, stores are convex, although the region is also trapped in the three bar display of goods, but in this small area with few customers, it was dead, what we said in front of the slow-moving area.


manager, to the place of the few customers, naturally not good goods out there to display some out of season, messy products, such as placing a wholesale store brand store manager, consciously wrong, ask me how to display will be better.

after careful observation and communication, the information obtained is as follows:

this store monthly sales of less than 200 thousand yuan, the brand is inefficient stores, goods in half price sales of seasonal products, the other half is in season discount sales, which last year sales number accounted for 60% – 65%.

as a result of sales of goods in the past year accounted for 2/3, the store will shop front and window like samples of the previous year based products, at first glance, thought it was a discount store.

most of the new season in the inside, coupled with no discount, the new joint rate is very low.

with this information, how should this dead end display?

This is obviously

corner shop design is not reasonable mishap left behind, once the design and decoration of shops, even found that there is not a reasonable place, is unlikely to re decoration, only on this basis, try to do, so we do:

1, this year and in previous years, the goods are completely separated, this year the new goods on display in the right half, in previous years, the goods displayed in the left half, that is, there is a dead corner.

2, dead area to the area behind the window, also is the customer line terminal part, all 50 percent off Chen products, and put the dead area in the color do very much, and will sign 50 percent off into this corner in front of other areas on.

3, after the first half of the room to the fitting room is part of the display of the previous 30 percent off products.

4, window sample with this year’s new season.

5, the right side of the front court display more beautiful new products, the latter half away from the fitting room near >