the well-known angel investors, serial entrepreneur Jason · (Jason Calananis) recently caraca nice in his blog wrote, "enterprise" is a blossom everywhere, but entrepreneurship is extremely hard and bitter Road, many people do not have the conditions of entrepreneurship. Caraca nice has invested in companies such as Uber.

below is the full text of the article:

"you don’t have the conditions for success." I said to an entrepreneur. He looked at me, just like that I screwed up the children become dejected and despondent.

he protested: "I do not, I want to work than anyone else."

"it doesn’t matter how hard you try, it’s important to solve the problem with the least amount of effort." I had to tell him that.

he asked again, "what should I do?" I replied without hesitation: "you should give up and work for those who have the conditions of success. You should do something simpler, and strengthen your ability. At present, you are in a start-up company with only 3 employees, but you should be in a more than 200, medium sized companies to take exercise."

most people lack the conditions for success

after 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, I found that one thing: no one has the leadership of the start-up companies in the condition of 99%. Leading a start-up company is a cruel competition. In most cases, this is a death march, you have to work hard for the opportunity. And 80% of them will die.

if you know that in the last few kilometers is likely to give up, then why would run a marathon? The last 5 kilometers, you will see many people dead beat there, but only the most crazy people will want to finish the marathon.

understand this, you are likely to realize that you do not have the conditions for entrepreneurship.

on the contrary, if you are good at self adjustment, smart enough, and not a masochistic, then congratulations, you can try.

real bubble: illusion

I’m not worried about the bubble economy. As I have repeatedly pointed out that in the entrepreneurial economy, the two areas of the bubble is the most prone to the valuation of start-up investment and investment in the latter stages of entrepreneurship. In these two cases, there will be shrewd investors eyes wide open.

for business incubator demo day or AngelList, the establishment of 3 months valuation of $8 million venture capital companies, smart investors will never think: this price is quite reasonable." These greedy guys always think, "the entrepreneur wants me to get 2 to 3 times the price. But if one of my 50 investments became a unicorn, I’d make a profit."

in other words, entrepreneurs should be aware of this: "I do offer.