said that now is the market for young people, so seize the young people’s consumer psychology is to seize the market, now this is a publicity personality of the era, unique is always the pursuit of fashion. It is because of the broad market prospects of the jewelry store. Jewelry shop to join small investment, fast return! Very suitable for small business people!

6 the results of the world, Zhou Xiaoguang earned 20 thousand yuan. Ten years back to the pot of gold in 1985, ran over the pier in Sanjiang, Zhou Xiaoguang married to sell embroidery pattern of Dongyang people, Yu Yunxin. After marriage, the two took out all their savings in the first generation of Yiwu commodity market to buy a booth.

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1995 to 1998, Xinguang jewelry factory in order to speed up the pace of development, and in the country to establish their own product sales network, in one fell swoop become the leading domestic jewelry industry.