shopping guide should be able to master what skills can better serve customers, improve store profit? Many businesses are operating in consultation with the problem, if you want to do the business and investment business, learning skills, learning opportunity not to be missed.

1, brand shopping guide will guide customers

shopping guide is the responsibility of the customer to guide the consumer, so in the course of the entire sales, women’s chain store shopping guide should occupy a dominant position, rather than being guided by the customer. So for a good shopping guide, to learn to introduce goods to customers in a timely manner, take the initiative to answer their questions, so that they understand whether the current commodity is what she is looking for. If you do not know the customer shopping guide, it is difficult to guide customers to buy a commodity.

2, how to introduce the brand

as a fashion chain stores in the shopping guide, when the goods for the customer, to follow the "mouth and hand" principle, let the customer know that you are not empty talk, but around a product function, advantages or details, so their awareness of goods from scratch, so as to help them to determine whether or not to buy. In addition to follow these principles, shopping guide also play their own initiative, flexible response to different occasions, different customers.

3, brand shopping guide how to ask customers

women’s store shopping guide in the course of work, the need to communicate with customers in order to have the possibility of selling goods. However, there is no customer would like to buy a word in the side nagging incessantly, but it is the color of the shopping guide more welcome by customers. For the women’s franchise store shopping guide, to learn how to grasp the opportunity to introduce customers to goods or answer questions. Ask the customer in time, guide to question and answer, timely put some simple multiple-choice questions thrown to the customer, to create a relaxed conversation atmosphere, thereby increasing the customer’s favor, contributed to the turnover of goods.

‘s store shopping to store profits have a great impact, if sales do their work then the store profitability is not too bad, if you pay more attention to this problem, so a lot of attention to the relevant information, I hope you will soon learn management experience.

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