has brought people from women not a small impact in history, that in this era of gender equality, women entrepreneurship is very common, many successful business woman’s story has inspired countless novice entrepreneurs, which is suitable for women entrepreneurship?

refrigerators are now increasingly diverse, the refrigerator into the bedroom, private cars, refrigerators and cosmetics have emerged, also known as the cosmetics fresh-keeping box. Every woman has a different number of cosmetics, but the cosmetics after opening, biological activity of enzymes and trace elements which are susceptible to temperature, air, sunlight and other effects of the environment, to advance expired or spoiled, shelf life will be greatly shortened, and the cosmetics at low temperature in the active material life can be extended, cosmetics fresh-keeping box came into being.

2003 years, Yantai girl Dai Lili took out two years of savings, but also borrowed a few million from home, sharing 60 thousand yuan to get this beauty refrigerator proxy. She put the network, all the newspapers on the improper preservation of cosmetics will be ineffective, and then will hurt the skin collected reports, made into a unique promotional leaflets.

A cosmetics store

and took the sample shop next to the person, with the signing of a consignment contract, and method of sample trial, cultivate a group of loyal customers. With the rapid expansion of the sales network, her business is getting better and better, earned the first pot of gold in life.

creative imagination, the implementation of the main content of the work of the occupation, the need for free and unfettered creative workers, because in the work place is very flexible, and therefore suitable to family SOHO family planning, including public relations, multimedia design, translation, editing, costume design, advertising, music, photography is recommended