From July

, DXY internal mail, we learned that Feng Dahui has decided to leave the quality of CTO. Turnover period, Feng Dahui also option disputes with the DXY occurred. As a well-known medical technician and preacher, after leaving Feng Dahui’s whereabouts has been a concern, today, WeChat officially announced by the public, he will start the next.


in 2010 to join the DXY date, Feng Dahui worked in the medical industry for more than 6 years, during this period, he also spare no effort through personal influence the popularity of medical knowledge, to the public to promote our. Feng Dahui this venture also chose the medical, however, is somewhat unexpected medical search.

"we’re ready to do the search, vertical search. Medical and health field. We want to provide a trusted search engine, the quality of content and data available to the majority of users. A simple description: to do a search, with Baidu medical search do a."

has been sold, "hemophilia" after the "Wei Zexi incident", let Baidu in the medical information on PPC and mercenary accusations. Afterwards, although Robin Li said to the medical information adjustment makes a quarter of Baidu cut down the income of 2 billion yuan, but in June, the media have found that the "Wei Zexi incident" once disappeared from Baidu search results in the medical class "promotion" again, and again Putian Department figure.

started 360 search advertising claims to refuse medical treatment (2015, 360 search was found a large number of medical advertisements), also borrow this event and brush a sense of presence, again renounced all consumer health business promotion services.

third market share Sogou search, September has exposed by the Haidian industry and Commerce Bureau of investigation, is suspected of obligations of the medical advertising review entirely.

however, the search itself is innocent, still there are many people who use search engines as the entrance of xunyiwenyao. Feng Dahui’s purpose is to provide a reliable medical information to provide a vertical search engine.

of course, this will be a difficult entrepreneurial road. China in Baidu search engine market occupies the absolute dominant position, market value of tens of billions of dollars in 360 to overweight, plus Tencent investing heavily in Sogou, only took less than 30% market share. An entrepreneur into the search market, difficult to imagine.

PingWest products also played in the first contact with Feng Dahui, as in the public number of the article said, Feng Dahui said there is no detailed plan is to start from scratch. Asked about the chance of a medical search engine, he replied, "I don’t have a chance. It’s a little bit of a chance. I’m just going to do it."

in February this year, Feng Dahui was in the Southern Weekend issued a document to explain the upcoming changes in the mobile medical industry in 2016. He believes that medical entrepreneurship, will