often see business advertisements always feel heart, seem to join later can immediately become millionaires, to join the big market, must have the right attitude, calm analysis, so that it can correctly deal with joining trap.

1, the illegal franchise ills difficult to eradicate one year total, similar to

plus specific supervision in the process of law enforcement oversight, not punishment and coffin collusion and other factors, most of the victims are franchise complaints, complaints and useless, the lawsuit is faced with more time, energy and money etc. Multiple losses.

franchise until those false investment, deceptive is crazy enough, causing harm to a large area of the CCTV is the mainstream such strong media exposure, but reported [almost every year, the Phoenix reborn is inexorably hangs on.].

the main fraud officers had already fled, a group of fraud enterprise assets already transferred overseas, most of the victims were dragged across the loss of confidence and courage, the main evidence is difficult to collect lost gradually annihilation, and severely punished afterwards but the crooks a few years Chinese market brilliant performance awards ceremony for victims of fraud, even if ultimately win the lawsuit has almost no little losses may be recovered, even if the belated justice are not!

2, investment franchisees generally naive credulity fueled scam

awfuller is the first venture Chinese many people generally naive gullible, lack of relevant knowledge and experience and lack of scientific and standardized the credibility of the third party with the reference standard, finally make a large active in domestic and international, devoid of humanity and greedy liar staggering to a batch of quick riches, there is no shortage of serial shocking fraud and cheat, not only let countless innocent investment franchisees lose everything, disappointed, even lamenting the loss of life and the courage to fight, to promote China’s rapid development of social economy, entrepreneurial enthusiasm of investors was the crowning calamity catastrophe, often is tantamount to being mercilessly on a cold.

many investment franchisees if more than one eye, the use of this simple method does not understand, so impulsive, many illegal franchise investment scam is actually very easy to crack.

3, how long a heart is to prevent the illegal franchise investment scam, the only proper course to take