tired one day, is simply a backache, especially wearing shoes, more become the source of countless people suffering, if someone can repair Pedicure, allow yourself to fully relax, it will be a good thing, so in the current environment, open a Pedicure shop. Will the business is hot!

on the market in recent years the real foot feet, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, blossom everywhere, although wash feet spend tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, but the leisure time to wash feet, eliminate fatigue, regulating spirit, become one of the many contents of modern people’s leisure life. The same is for my feet, but I have a function, can remove many people on foot pain – this is now popular Pedicure square.

the old society Pedicure industry gradually evolved into a foot medicine called "holding smelly feet" Pedicure business, has now become a fashion business. The ancients said, do business to "no I have, I have good people, good people I am early, early my new", Pedicure is a development of the industry.


if you do not open, put a stall in the street, or at the park plaza flow for others Pedicure (do not repair, feet), a fee of 5 yuan a day, about 20 people can repair. A month down, there are about 3000 yuan of income.

Note: the

1, the concept of change is an important prerequisite to enter this industry. Many people think that "Pedicure" is poor, although the money, but do not want to do. If you have this idea of people, it can only watch others make money. If you can change the concept, we do not recognize their own to do, first of all, no competition from the mind. The Pedicure is a highly technical industry, early intervention can give priority to seize the market, win wealth.

2, adhere to high standards of health. The tool, footbath, towel to be sterilized, Pedicure service norms, store environment clean. 3, the technology should be superb. Technology is to make money, but also the way to retain customers.