, who said that middle-aged people involuntarily, people cannot succeed to the middle-aged? The following small series will provide you with a few successful examples to middle-aged women, let you see how they support the rich one day, out of a road to get rich!

money is actually easy and easy, hard to say. Most of the boss, there is an experience, is tired. Be interested in business, in terms of revenue is also satisfactory, such a win-win boss, really is not much, but the cuckoo is one lucky one.

cuckoo is a Home Furnishing accessories shop owner, her shop opened in the street pavement Beijing woman across the street. This area is regarded as a high-end consumer area in Beijing, near the embassy, senior office buildings, star hotels, etc..

Rhododendron Home Furnishing accessories shop mainly in Southeast Asian style, the main sales of some rattan, wood furniture, Candlestick, incense, pottery, cloth. The store’s tone is mainly warm colors, feeling very warm.

the rent of 10000 yuan, 1000 yuan utilities, taxes 1000 yuan, and two employees, a total of 3000 yuan of wages. The monthly net profit of thirty thousand yuan.

The same type of