is a kind of fish people eat food, in the usual life at the same time, who would not think in a small fish. Some big opportunities arise, then say the entrepreneur is the fish business to get rich target.

40 years old Wu Yuelin pays great attention to instrumentation, white shirt, pants straight hair with pomade, too Youguangzengliang comb. He said that the fundamental reason is that the business is good, he is doing business with the momentum of the disk industry. Fish shop is the first of my own business, I must do. I am not only doing a fish meatball Hotel, I would like to put the brand bigger Tangxun Lake fish, make industry.

When the boss want to break

at that time, he took the high commission of 5000 yuan a month, a small life is very comfortable, but soon he was not satisfied. This time, his ideal is to be his own boss.

1995 years, Wu Yuelin went to Shenzhen alone, looking for business opportunities. He applied to a Japanese restaurant as a manager, began to contact the catering industry, this experience for his later opened the hotel experience.

back to the Hanjian ethnic village, and the concept of sub boss left

1998, Wu Yuelin on behalf of the Japanese side to buy 169 acres of land in Tangxun lake. The following year, the village opened.