investors believe that the field of K12 is the next 10 years, the largest online education high, the largest meat and the hardest bones coexist. Behind the heat of capital, in 2014 there are a number of online education out of the market. Affected by the new model of the Internet, mobile terminals and other platforms, K12 online education is facing the biggest problem is how to realize.


in the past month, again touted the concept of online education. A shares of listed companies Chinese online, Dr. Peng, GQY video, all pass education, new Nanyang, square straight technology, lanxum stocks turns lift limit the influx of titanium, the media had previously reported, 2014, online education financing of nearly $1 billion.

of course, behind the heat of capital, in 2014 there are a number of online education out of the market. I learned through interviews, by the Internet, mobile terminals, such as the impact of a new model of the platform, K12 online education is facing difficulties.

K12 online education free PK charge mode

at present, the entire online education is in the early stages of development, there is no good profit model. In K12 online education, nothing more than the existence of three modes:

1, charging mode

online education charging mode is more, K12 charges are also different.

365 good teacher CEO founder Dr. Wang Weining said in an interview with the author, with the development of mobile Internet, online education market increasingly large scale, only the K12 education mode is about 600 billion the size of the market. The 365 good teachers and teachers with 9:1 into the model (teacher 9, platform extraction of 1 copies). Traditional educational institutions in general teachers can only get 15-25%).

some online educational institutions through the content and other charges. For example, the sale of the question bank, according to the level of market estimates, the normal need to do millions of test questions 10 million to 50 million investment, primary and secondary schools to update the title of 20%-30% every year, which is a huge market. The problem is, how to use such a large library, who is willing to pay for it?

2, free mode

2014 in July, after the ape question bank to obtain $15 million in financing announced the transition: from the payment industry exam to free K12 education. Currently, the ape test questions, learning treasure, Baidu operations to help users have announced more than 10 million, they direct dialogue in the K12 market.

ape test questions COO handsome division in an interview with the newspaper said in an interview, the ape on the line after a month free of charge, it will always be free. On the basis of a larger number of users in the future, we will be based on the needs of users, to provide more value-added services, it may become a way to get our income."

micro division APP Zhang Yongqiang wrote that the Internet education platform Tencent classroom, based on Q>