at present, in the clothing market, women’s franchise has become commonplace, and has become a mainstream model is a lot of entrepreneurs who sought after. However, in the different stages of the brand life cycle of a variety of apparel brands have different characteristics, franchisees may wish to carefully analyze their strengths and weaknesses, think twice.

clothing brand strengths and weaknesses analysis

brand in the domestic or international market for many years, brand awareness and recognition is very high, in the minds of consumers to establish a complete image, the market share is high and stable.

advantages: has a wealth of experience in the operation of the brand, the product and terminal control ability is very strong, the franchise system has been very perfect. For franchisees, the other side can provide sufficient support, including product development, store design, merchandise display, customer management, etc..

disadvantages: join the threshold is higher, joining fee hundreds of thousands of dollars, the profit margins of a single commodity less. Such a strong local brands will focus more on brand maintenance, pay more attention to the status of the store, and no time to take into account the franchisee management. Therefore, the terminal franchisee will often complain that the goods are not sold when the arrival of the season, not to sell the style into inventory.

The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of

brand in the period of

such brands are often in the region to implement its franchise system, a large number of print ads, publicity and its brand marketing network to attract individual operators to join.

advantages: in the market has achieved some popularity, a product has achieved good results in the breakdown of the market, is a strong brand clothing to join the threshold is low, the corresponding goods rate is low, the profit margins of large single goods.

disadvantages: this kind of brand is the most production transformation of brand, the success of a great chance, the lack of long-term brand strategy, brand image is not fixed, does not form a stable brand image in the minds of consumers. Lack of terminal retail management experience, although there are considerable marketing network, but the difference in the image of the store around the larger. Once you do too much abuse, the last part of the loss will be pressure on the franchisee.

has just entered the market brand strengths and weaknesses analysis

brand operators are mostly engaged in apparel processing or brand management of the enterprise, after market segmentation, to find a reasonable position, look forward to a share in the market.

advantages: such enterprises have more or less the experience of a certain area of clothing. The lower threshold, and some even avoid joining >