no matter what kind of shop is run, only the sales volume is higher, will be able to earn more lucrative profits, will make the business of the shop has a more prosperous good development. However, in the end how to increase sales, but has become a matter of concern to many operators. So, jewelry shop how to increase sales?

management of the shop will find new store opening the first few days of the business is very good, but for a long time but business is light; in fact, not only is the jewelry store, other shops opened a few days business is always good; the main reason is because the new shop there is a kind of freshness for people so, will attract a large part of the stream, and the new stores are usually some concessions to promote sales; another important factor is the "Matthew effect", to enable more people to be able to attract more people to buy more people will attract more people to buy.

so how do you increase the sales of jewelry store on weekdays? I think we should focus on four aspects:

first is to improve the turnover rate;

we know, general shopping jewelry stores are usually just came to see, and did not intend to buy your jewelry; some people see their love jewelry will immediately buy, we called the "shopping; and most of them even see love will not buy jewelry, because they don’t need in particular, unless you really love. So we really can not sell things? Not everyone will use our products, so that the purchase of our jewelry customers have such a sense of superiority!

tell her why this product is worth 100 yuan or more? Remember, you sell to the customer is not the jewelry itself, but the jewelry can give customers expectations! Let customers imagine how beautiful, fashionable, attractive and tasteful she brought with her! Convince customers who did not want to buy, want to buy more customers to buy; improve the probability of customer turnover, which is the first successful operation of the jewelry store conditions! Persuade customers to have certain knowledge, experience and skills.

second adjust commodity structure;

if you are a turnover of 1000 yuan a day, if the sale of goods to sell $100, your jewelry store every day so many customers do? If you sell 100 yuan of goods only need to be able to achieve a turnover of $1000 of the $ten! Of course, your customers are not likely to buy 100 yuan of goods, and this customer is, after all, a small number, but if you can put a small number of people are attracted to your shop to buy, then you have a lot of.

we used to do business is the seller’s market, that is, what you have to sell what goods; and now is the buyer. 60% of customers need $100