for the recent media reports of "beauty frying oil" incident, catering enterprises have responded to the South beauty. On Saturday evening 23, South Beauty Group President Wang Xiaofei micro-blog apologized in person.

this, 17 evening, Wang Xiaofei responded to this personal micro-blog, said the guests to patronize those who work there and apologize. "Whether it is false or true beauty has been lifted, joining or being lifted, I should apologize to those who visit the guests and the employees working there, you are to go to the South Beauty of the three characters. Good management of outlets and promptly destroyed those fake beauty is our responsibility and our work. Thanks to the supervision of the guests and the media, so that we understand the situation in a timely manner to help us continue to progress." Wang Xiaofei said on its micro-blog.

then South Beauty Group also issued a formal written statement, the statement said the report referred to a Nanjing store earlier in the day and South Beauty out of the partnership and said, the store has to "beauty constitute infringement. The statement also apologized to the injured employees and customers.

said in a statement, South Beauty and COFCO signed a purchase agreement and the concentration of edible oil, and waste oil recycling enterprise qualification signed a contract for waste oil recovery. South Beauty also announced the country’s 54 Zhiyingdian list.


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