Nanjing as the capital city of Jiangsu, but also a historical city, the economic development is more advanced, in the ranking of the country’s cities are also relatively, the price is also the topic of concern to the masses. November hundred cities nationwide housing price index released yesterday, the data show that the country’s 100 major cities in November prices continued to decline in the chain rose from 2.83% in September to $0.88% in November. Jiangsu included in the statistics of the 17 cities house prices rose for the 13, a decrease of 2 last month, Nanjing November house prices continued to fall by 0.01 percentage points.

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Chinese Index Academy, November National City residential average price of 12938 yuan / square meters, an increase of 0.88%, compared with 1.65% in October fell 0.77 percentage points, compared with September rose 2.83% in November, the national city house prices rose space is further compressed, showing market regulation, market the heat was cool, both entered the wait-and-see stage.

in addition, the 100 cities in the city’s housing prices rose more than in, more than in October, and so on the whole, the rise of the city is still more than the decline of the city more than 2. In the secondary market, prices rose to more than ten national main city of second-hand housing also showed an overall decline of the situation, from live off, the chain of home network, 58 city website data show that house price generally fell, hot plate and even a "price city" market pattern.

from the city perspective, Nantong, Nanning, Foshan and other two or three city occupy the domestic real estate prices rose in November 100 city Beijing, Shanghai, the forefront of Nanjing had a second tier city is rising abruptly, prices rose most down. Nantong city in November prices rose 2.71%, ranked first in the country, or more than 2% are Nanning (2.56%) and Foshan (2.54%), followed by the city and Ji’nan (1.87%), Changzhou (1.81%), Xi’an (1.73%), Jiaxing (1.72%), Changsha (1.71%).

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Yangzi Evening News reporter noted that in November the price of new homes in Nanjing rose by 0.43%, compared with an increase of 0.44% percentage points in October fell by 0.01 percentage points. In the country’s 16 hot cities, the chain rose all showed a downward trend, the smallest decline in Nanjing and Tianjin (both of the 0.01 percentage points), the largest decline in Suzhou, up to 2.66 percentage points.

included in the statistics of 17 cities in Jiangsu, there are 13 cities rose, fell in the city of 2, as well as the recommendation of the 2