now no matter what kind of business to start a business, we naturally need to take into account the future development prospects. After all, no one wants to do business in their own short-term business, if you can have a better future development, such a business is more worthy of our business. So, the development of nursing homes have prospects?

not long ago, Peking University professor Qian Liqun expressed willingness to stay in nursing homes. Coincidentally, Jiang Ping’s life in the nursing home also attracted the attention of the media. Institutional pension, once again become the focus of attention. At present, China is still home to the community based pension, what is the role of nursing home, shouldering multiple responsibilities? Pension beds, supply or demand? Private capital into the pension business, there is no money way? Dialogue now a number of experts, analysis of the above issues.


nursing home in the end how much

reporter: Qian Liqun to stay in nursing homes and caused social concern. Now, there has been a tendency to have children into the nursing home. The development of the cause of China’s aging in 12th Five-Year, the plan, but also based on home based family pension and social pension combined expression. So, the responsibility of nursing home in the end how much? Is it very limited?

China aging research center director Wu Yushao: pension institutions, refers to the concentration of living, life care, rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, entertainment and other services for the elderly service organizations to provide for the elderly, should be the main service object for the disabled, semi disabled elderly.

the elderly rely on old-age pension institutions proportion, according to estimates only 3% – 4%, but these old people are disabled, semi disabled and elderly, in the pension institutions is a rigid demand for them. At the same time, it should be noted that, according to China’s national conditions and the development trend of the world’s pension, for health, young people, home care is the best choice.

The study of population and development of Nankai University School of economics professor

: the original new family pension is China inheritance pension model for thousands of years, the Confucian culture is the basis of family ethics, is based on the population of high fertility and low life expectancy, family structure as the "triangle", the offspring do not lack of care for elders family human resources. In modern society, with the low birth rate and the extension of life expectancy, the family intergenerational structure becomes "inverted triangle"". A young man raises a few old men, both economically and mentally.

2010 national urban and rural elderly survey data show that only 11% – 13% of urban and rural elderly people are willing to stay in the pension institutions, willing to live with their children to the ratio of 47%. However, with the only child’s parents into the aging, professional machine