nine party data "galaxy" platform, called the big data field of business incubator, providing one-stop service to provide the data source, data tools and other forms of support for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and innovation ten thousand big data company.

national data strategy and government called on the public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to produce resonance in the new period. Nine party data "galaxy" platform, "rotary launched, a trip to" intimate service for the courage to flex its muscles in the field of big data entrepreneurs, targets such as nine large data founder Wang Sanshou said, "to support entrepreneurship and innovation ten thousand big data company".

small and medium application of "central kitchen"

entrepreneurs to produce a big data application needs "tool and seasoning", can be found in the nine party "in the small galaxy data platform application" central kitchen ". Data sources, visualization tools, data models, security components, cleaning tools, cloud resources…… Have everything that one expects to find。

each subdivision of the classification. Such as the data source, and can be subdivided into industry big data, financial data, government public big data, big data, the Internet big data, big data industry chain breakdown; industry big data is subdivided into medical, communications, transportation, logistics, industrial and agricultural branch.

"to do good work, must first sharpen his tools". For example, visualization tools, platform for entrepreneurs to provide visual brand HTML5 application software development, the core OLAP engine, based on distributed database analysis, mining platform and other mainstream advanced software and big data industry well-known visualization, help entrepreneurs use the best tools, make big data business the first step: small and big data application products from the design, steady.

"data Galaxy", greatly reduced the entrepreneurs to join the big data industry threshold. The operation of the platform is simple and easy, like big data in the field of online supermarket. One-stop service concept, the realization of the platform, you can complete the pre purchase of a full set of tools, entrepreneurs can freely match all kinds of tools to achieve the design of large data applications. In addition, the nine party data "galaxy" platform to have personal customization function, the realization of data customization, customization, customized service, to meet the personalized demand of entrepreneurs.

to build the world’s first complete large data ecosystem. In addition to the convenience of entrepreneurs to complete the preliminary production of large data applications, the nine party data platform and realize the local Galaxy output applications. Entrepreneurs can sell their data directly on the platform, big data applications, the realization and testing of data sources on the spot, the value of big data applications.

if Apple store offers us the selection and application of degree of freedom, so the nine party data "galaxy" platform, provides large data field of Apple store". Wang Sanshou said that at present, the nine party data of the "galaxy" platform has a collection of nine large.