traditional taxi way, has been unable to adapt to the development needs of the market. A lot of local taxi in the face of the current market environment, are faced with the problem of survival. So, how to get out of Zhengzhou taxi reform impasse? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

Zhengzhou to become a city of the forty-ninth step in Chinese, "derived Internet plus" drops, China, easy to, excellent step four network about the car company in Greentown, and the traditional taxi industry and the formation of tear open the deadlock, a strong impact on the existing taxi management mode and operation mode. The country’s taxi reform program has been "just listen to the stairs, not to see people down".

in this case, in May 25th, Zhengzhou’s first individual taxi wing established. The emergence of a new taxi form. Taxi group has changed from the bottom of the reform, the reform of the taxi impasse can be broken?

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by the "Internet plus" derived drops, China, easy to, excellent step four network about the car company in Greentown, torn with the traditional taxi industry. Taxi drivers in Zhengzhou have come up with a strategy for survival.

5 25, Zhengzhou taxi spontaneously set up Zhengzhou’s first individual taxi wing, founded the phone about the car, WeChat paid a new model of operation. "United are currently seven thousand or eight thousand taxi passengers just dial 55255515, United drivers can receive information through the taxi vehicle station, in the" unified dispatching station ", from the latest driver orders, and inform the passengers how long can arrive at its location." United driver Li Baojie told reporters.

"for taxi passengers, the driver asked, no place, there will not be a rejection of the case, the customer can call about 24 hours by car." Li Baojie said. In terms of costs, is playing table billing by taxi, there will be no cheating, passengers can use the cash payment, can also pay for WeChat.

5 25, the first day of the event on the line, the United States received more than more than about the car phone, and now every day from 50 to 60 single business. Recently, the United States is also a passenger Shandong provides inter provincial about car service. Li Baojie said that the United States also launched a conference car, city express, vehicle rescue, driving on behalf of a variety of services.

talked about the development of the taxi driver Zhao Jianguo wing wing, said, "we are through the WeChat forwarded circle of friends, and other ways to expand the visibility of custom customized ringing tone, attract more customers at the same time also called for more drivers to join United, the business bigger and stronger".

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